Make Nose Looks sharp

Want to look different with minimal effort? Try to make your nose look more sharp. blur form of nose to provide shading . 

It's easy:

Makeup Tips, to Look Fresh

You need to get around to face fresh, either by traditional or cover it with make-up. Want to know the trick?
Living in city large indeed vulnerable to depression or stress. The main symptoms is experiencing difficulty sleeping. If you are tired and sleepy too, may not be able to sleep because of work that can not be abandoned. As a result, signs of fatigue will appear on your face. The face becomes lethargic and not fresh. Not only that, sometimes in circles around the eyes look black.

tips Beautiful At Age 20s

At this time, all components such as epidermal skin, collagen, elastin and blood vessels develop optimally. So that the texture of the skin look fresh reddish. The main problems that haunt at this time, usually about oily skin and acne caused by hormonal factors or treatments that are less precise. below are the tips. (11 tips to mantain skin health is also useful article)

tips maintaining skin Clean and Starred Entering the age of 30

You trust ... if every woman would want to always look beautiful. How old they are ... what's his job ... what size clothes ... etc..
Many facial skin problems caused by many things, such as premature aging, wrinkles, acne, black spots, and others. When you experience this problem,
began to return attention to skin health.

Make-Up Tips for Longer Hold

Maintain make-up in top condition is a 'challenge' for us are busy. But what can we do if the make-up should be maintained but did not have time to do touch-ups? Or want to be a Make Up Artists ?

Here are 5 tips for long-lasting make-up: other tips: 11 tips to maintain skin healthy 

Tips Overcome Skin Wrinkles

Whether you admit it or not, we all can not avoid this. All we can do is, how to still look attractive despite old age . If we grow older, the skin too long will become thin and wrinkled. This is reasonable because the humidity produced lubricating glands and the elasticity (flexibility) fibers of the skin has been much reduced.

Fruit To Beautify Face

Facial moisturizing cream is expensive, will not be effective if not matched by 'moisturizing' from the inside. Or other expensive treatments such oxygen facials etc.. By eating fruits for freshness of the face, then your skin care program will be more successful.

Starred hair, Thanks to Tea

You know, content owned tea can lower the pH (acidity) in the hair. tea closes the cuticle on the hair shaft, which produces extra luster to hair, soft, and easily managed. It's easy:

We, who have a natural hair color black, could use a lot of black tea available in the market. Simply provide a second bag type tea bags and two cups of black tea glasses.

tips of Wear eyelash curler

Not hard to make your lashes look thick and tapering. Bobbi Brown, makeup artist, author of several books on beauty, and the owner of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics, reveal the correct way to use the eyelash curler. As a result, eyelashes not only look more beautiful, but also make eyes look wider.

tips to choose long or short hair

The more often read fashion magazines instead makes you confused determine haircut? If yes, then you are not alone. Most women still can not determine the most appropriate haircut for the type faces and styles of life. In the end, the women actually "resigned" on haircuts chosen by the hairdresser at the salon. Time to decide your own. Which is more suitable for you, long hair or short?

Eye Shadow Fitted Perfect

Want to make your face look fresh during the day? Try wring eye shadow natural color. Generally brown is the color that is often used. Wring thinly. In contrast, for eye makeup in the evening, apply eye shadow colors rather thick. Instead of a brush applicator, try using your ring finger to apply eye shadow .

Goodbye, Blackheads

Uh, so no unsightly facial comedones, blackheads since graced the face. Say goodbye to blackheads. Make a face mask with a mixture of parsley.

Variety Use of Olive Oil for Beauty

Olive oil has been used since centuries ago to the needs of consumption, also for the beauty of women. The effectiveness been tested through time and space boundaries. Want to try these natural oils for your beauty? Here are things you can do olive oil to your beauty.

Simple Make up Tips

natural make-up beside a very fitting use for go to office , also suitable for job interviews or to attend an event at noon. Equipment needed for the dressing is simple. all products makeup are casual, powder, eyebrow pencil, eye shadow , lip liner and mascara . Here are tips on how to do interesting simple makeup faces:

Make Up Tricks for Beautiful and Young Seen

Increased age is a natural process that must be faced by every human being. No one can avoid the aging process that would occur over time. Including for women. With increasing age, decreasing the body's ability and also have an impact on the face. In the face of wrinkles or skin appears that is not elastic anymore. But this does not mean you can not look pretty.  makeup is one solution. How do I?

Greasy and Saucer Hair Solutions and tips !

Greasy hair. A little oil on the hair is normal because it is necessary to keep the hair shaft in good condition. Too much oil can make your hair look dirty and not expanding.

If your hair and your scalp oily you should not use a shampoo or hair conditioner or drugs that are too heavy for your hair.

the nature of Skin Color Determine Makeup Colors

According to the book 101 Basic Make-up Personal Make-Up compiled by Puspita Martha International Beauty School, the color has 2 properties, namely, cold and warm. Into the nature of cool colors are: blue, purple, and green. The impression created by this color is cool, calm, serene, and peaceful. While belonging to the warm nature include: red, orange, and yellow. When viewing a series of color, the impression that emerges is cheerful, passionate, energetic, young, strong, and courageous.

8 Make-up Kit, Must Have!

Although not a celebrity who should be diligent, industrious her makeup , you need to know also about the things to do makeup . For example, what the hell make up kit  are needed in doing makeup ? Even the makeup expert even need these basic tools. So there is no harm in your little study.

1. Makeup Sponges
Choose the triangle. You can use the more delicate side to blend foundation around the nose and jaw to get a pretty face . While the other side you can use to areas of the cheeks, forehead, and chin. If more synthetic sponge, choose a size small.

Hairdo for Long Hair tips

Hairdo can greatly influence one's appearance. Try the following hairdo for the party and be prepared to get a lot of praise for it. (tips to choose long or short hair)

The Modern Chignon

Scarlett Johansson is one artist who likes this type of hair styling. He was pleased hair upwards to focus on his face that no blemish. Chignon, or coil model does look a bit traditional, but with a little game, good hair will look beautiful, attractive, and the present. You can try to make a chignon that is more easily own if they did not want to get too modern as to use her in photo 1.

Know your 4 Hair Enemies

If you want to win in a battle, you need to do first is to know exactly who our enemy really is. Apparently, this also applies in dealing with hair problems. Let us protect the crown from the "enemy. (tips to choose long or short hair)

1. Industrial pollution. We will never be able to prevent sticking of dust particles, germs, smoke contained in air pollution in our hair, especially for oily hair that has been sprayed or hair spray . Enemy hair on this one can make hair easy to get dirty and damaged.

Tips Shaving Genital area

Shaving hair in the genital area is not as easy as shaving or tweezing other areas. Before you begin, try to prepare it with attention to several things. First, use a new shaver to guarantee cleanliness. Hygiene factors are very important, so you avoid the infections cause itching, swelling or redness in the genital area. Second, try to act relaxed over do it, with the start by setting a comfortable seated position. While seated, lift your legs over the waistline and open wide.

For maximum results consider shaving tips below:

overcome dark circle under eyes

You have done everything to reduce the dark circles under the eyes. Although already lead a healthy lifestyle, getting enough sleep, drink plenty, and enough iron, but circles under the eyes are still there. Do not rush to find a solution to the surgery. Find out the root of the problem.

"Some of the causes of dark circles under the eyes can be overcome, but others can not, because the permanent," explained Dr. Garth Fisher, a plastic surgeon.Some causes are, among others:

Overcoming cracked Foot

Issues related to the foot that often we experience is a cracked foot. The cause of the condition of your feet which are cracked, there are two, namely internal and external. Internal factors, including age and hormonal disorders. Person's age makes his condition has decreased the quality, including the foot, thus prone to various problems. While external factors, among others, the drastic weather changes and the use of soap or detergent. The content of soda in the detergent causes the skin to lose moisture foot in large numbers, making it very dry and eventually crack.

5 Tips to Decrease the Skin pores

Come closer to the front of the mirror, and notice how your skin. Is the nose and cheek pores reveal that wide open? Maybe it's time you should change the way health care for facial skin.
Hole size pores are basically influenced by genetic factors. But with age, pit pores tend to be larger. Hole large pores can reduce the appearance of skin supple and smooth, which is a sign of a well groomed young skin. Well, if you intend to start treating facial skin, do the following five steps. Sure, it takes time to restore the quality of the skin that is damaged due to exposure to sunlight or wrong use of certain cosmetics.

tips on Step Face Care

 the face of this yearning is not obtained as easy as turning the palm of the hand, especially if we are above the age of 25 years. (tips Beautiful At Age 20s). The secret, is to conduct basic skin care routine regularly. Here are the steps you should do:

Facial treatments, not only do when we want to lift make-up that has been worn all day. But it must necessarily do this ritual every morning and afternoon / night. After cleaning the face, continue to refresh it and make it moist. Natural facial cleanser will work to remove all makeup, dirt and oil that had gathered on the skin of your face all day. (tips on Step Face Care)

Overcome Skin Wrinkles

If we grow older, the skin too long will become thin and wrinkled. This is reasonable because the humidity produced lubricating glands and the elasticity (flexibility) fibers of the skin has been much reduced. Wrinkles so the greater the likelihood that poor body condition, skin experiencing stress, the skin is less well cared for, and there are transcription factors. Because we can not avoid it, we can do is reduce for his appearance is not too fast. You must apply a special treatment method for skin that is aging. The way that can be done is to :

Face Care For Oily Skin

Oily facial skin characterized by skin care skin that looks shiny, especially when you wake up in the morning. Makeup on Oily skin usually fade faster because the oil glands of the face is always active, day or night. The pores appear larger and was followed by accumulation of blackheads around the nostrils. Oily skin is also more prone to acne. 

tips for camera friendly make up

to look beautiful in photo is actually a face that can highlight bone structure. A more angled face will naturally look more photogenic because of the high cheekbones and angular jaw that makes the face look more three dimensional in the photo. Fortunately, no matter what shape your face, you can outsmart your chin overlapping, uneven skin tone, or eye bags, by applying the right makeup. Here's what you need to do:

Tips Store Cosmetics for Not Fast Damaged

Like food, makeup or cosmetics have expiration date. To be fully utilized, makeup needs to be maintained and you must know when it's time to say goodbye to him.Here are suggestions from Maria Verel, makeup artist who often deal with top Hollywood celebrities, like Diane Sawyer, Nora Ephron, even Hillary Clinton.  (8 Make-up Kit, Must Have!)

Tips For Self Care and Beauty Care For Girls

These tips specifically for those wishing to reduce eye bags that look black, reduce the black impression on the armpits, to reduce the stubborn pimples and whiten teeth naturally. Generally, these tips are for the ladies, but no harm in it if the men also know it. Who knew would be very useful to help his brother or his wife.

Here are some tips:

Tips wring Lipstick

Lipstick is one tool that is - in cosmetology- required to use women. In order for an "investment" is not fast eroded, would be better if you can maintain and store as possible. The following make up tips are divided by Rona Berg, in his book, Beauty: TheNew Basics.

* If you take the lipstick, tube is not going anywhere, it is advisable to store it in the refrigerator, because it will last longer.

11 tips To mantain Healthy Skin

With so many free radicals and other factors that can damage the skin, it takes more commitment and attention to your skin is always beautiful and healthy. Here are some important things you keep, for problem-free skin.

1. Consider the water you use
As you know, the quality of water we have is not the same. There is a good, trouble-free, odor-free, free of dirt. However, there are some of us who take the ground water directly, so no one would expect cleanliness. Water quality can affect skin health. Therefore, consider the water you use for the face. 

Teen Skin Care Tips

To look attractive with a smooth and healthy skin( tips to maintain skin healthy), skin care needs early on. We recommend that since the teen years, kids have started to get used for facial treatments.

Generally teenagers deal with dust and sun. Therefore, to make the face always smooth and healthy, teens should always maintain the cleanliness of the facial skin.