8 Make-up Kit, Must Have!

Although not a celebrity who should be diligent, industrious her makeup , you need to know also about the things to do makeup . For example, what the hell make up kit  are needed in doing makeup ? Even the makeup expert even need these basic tools. So there is no harm in your little study.

1. Makeup Sponges
Choose the triangle. You can use the more delicate side to blend foundation around the nose and jaw to get a pretty face . While the other side you can use to areas of the cheeks, forehead, and chin. If more synthetic sponge, choose a size small.

2. Powder Brush
This brush serves to prevent clot of powder or blush on your face. Choose a large size, with fine fur. Wipe down the entire face to remove the remnants of facial makeup .

3. Blush brush
Smaller size of the powder brush. Use for applying blush-on.

4. Eyeshadow Brush
Usually have a brush at the two edges. You can use it to apply eyeshadow.

5. Sponge Eyeshadow
Like the makeup artist professional, sponge applicator is great for color eyeshadow a little pale. Not require too much integration. Also you can use to apply in bone highlight eyebrows.

6. Brush your eyebrows and eyelashes
This one useful tool to brush the eyelash mascara to avoid clumps. As a result, more beautiful lashes. While the other side you can use to shape eyebrows like an expert makeup artist .

7. Lipstick Brush
Use a lipstick brush to create the outline of your lips. After that Dab lipstick and content outline that you have created to make it look pretty face .

8. Eyelash curler
Once you use it, this one tool can be a basic beauty needs. You may be surprised how the eyelash tongs brilliant effect on the eye. The eyes look more alive and radiant. The results make up the face will get more leverage.

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