Face Care For Oily Skin

Oily facial skin characterized by skin care skin that looks shiny, especially when you wake up in the morning. Makeup on Oily skin usually fade faster because the oil glands of the face is always active, day or night. The pores appear larger and was followed by accumulation of blackheads around the nostrils. Oily skin is also more prone to acne. 

Unfortunately, the excess oil on the face can not be eliminated because it is inborn.Even so, you can minimize it by setting a good diet, for example, avoid fried and multiply eat vegetables and fruit.  (Fruit To Beautify Face)


Use a natural face cleanser lotion or liquid with a PH balanced, or combine both. After clean dirt on the skin of the face with lotion, may also be followed by the use of soap and then rinse thoroughly. 

We recommend that you clean the skin 2-3 times a day when at home. When outside the home, Face Care with oil absorbent tissue can be used to reduce excess oil. In addition to absorbing oil, this tissue also can keep the makeup look so neat because there is also equipped with a powder. When you choose oil absorbent paper, choose a color powder according to skin color. 


Use the liquid as a refreshing astringent as it can lift excess oil. If confused choosing a suitable product, ask the advice of consultants where you buy your beauty care product or skin care clinic. Parties, each brand has different content.We recommend that you replace the care products you use, a maximum of two years or so to prevent skin become resistant (immune) against him. Face Care Clinic occasionally go for facials. 

Even though you have oily skin Natural Face, should also apply moisturizer on your skin before primp. Choose oil free liquid products for the face does not get shiny. Put this lotion evenly from face to neck.

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  1. Thanks For this information.Here is some additional information about How to remove oil in skin .Lemon, cucumber, tomato are the best fruit which cleans and pulls oil in our face, then our face looks clean and clear, oil free.

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