5 Tips to Decrease the Skin pores

Come closer to the front of the mirror, and notice how your skin. Is the nose and cheek pores reveal that wide open? Maybe it's time you should change the way health care for facial skin.
Hole size pores are basically influenced by genetic factors. But with age, pit pores tend to be larger. Hole large pores can reduce the appearance of skin supple and smooth, which is a sign of a well groomed young skin. Well, if you intend to start treating facial skin, do the following five steps. Sure, it takes time to restore the quality of the skin that is damaged due to exposure to sunlight or wrong use of certain cosmetics.

1. Clean makeup every night with carefully. No matter how tired you are, you should not immediately go up to bed without cleaning it first. Even if you do not wear makeup every day (just wear moisturizer, powder, and lipstick), take the time to clean the face with a cleanser. This is to remove dirt and oils that blend in facial skin.
2. Wash your face with soap that contains salicylic acid . This material will destroy the oil and dirt that clog pores, and helps to improve the surface.
3. Wear a moisturizer that contains no oil, and does not cause allergies. Salicylic acid is likely to cause irritation for some particular skin type. Because it combines with a gentle moisturizer.
4. Wear sunscreen every day. Perhaps many of us who do not realize that the sun can damage skin. Exposure to sunlight damage the collagen layers that create a smooth skin. Outdoors without protection sunscreen also will destroy the benefits of the three steps that you have done previously.
5. If necessary, perform intensive care. Dermatologists have a series of special care for us who have certain skin problems. Be a smart consumer to choose the treatment that provides no harmful side effects. You may be familiar with the process of chemical peeling , where after a few days the skin will peel ( ngelotok ), and facial skin becomes red. Although the end result makes the skin look white and smooth, but this causes the skin becomes thin and susceptible to free radicals that cause cancer.

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