Overcoming cracked Foot

Issues related to the foot that often we experience is a cracked foot. The cause of the condition of your feet which are cracked, there are two, namely internal and external. Internal factors, including age and hormonal disorders. Person's age makes his condition has decreased the quality, including the foot, thus prone to various problems. While external factors, among others, the drastic weather changes and the use of soap or detergent. The content of soda in the detergent causes the skin to lose moisture foot in large numbers, making it very dry and eventually crack.

Treatment to fix the cracked foot can be done is simple:
* Always keep the skin moist.
* Perform regular foot care, at least 2 weeks, use special care products for feet of good quality. We can do the treatment yourself at home or at a special salon that provides foot care services.
* For basic maintenance, washing the feet up really clean every time you bathe, and do not forget handuki until completely dry, especially between the toes.
* For routine maintenance, simply take time about 20-30 minutes. Soak feet in a container of warm water that has added a few drops of disinfectant. Rub your toes with a soft brush. As for the heel broken, Brush using a pumice stone or foot penghalus tool that is usually sold in beauty stores. This tool is able to slough off the dry skin on the heel.
* It is recommended that every night after cleaning the feet using foot emollient or lotion that contains aloe vera which is soothing. At night is the best time to treat the skin because that's when the skin repair and rebuild cells that have been damaged. Can also settled on a cream or lotion that contains lanolin and provitamin D. The content of these materials will help soften your feet very dry.
* Perform foot massage after applying lotion for smooth blood circulation. Blood circulation which means ensuring smooth legs get sufficient nutrition.
* Do not go barefoot in damp or wet places. Your feet are too often in direct contact with the floor causes the skin of the feet are also prone to crack.
* Use a soft leather shoe or fabric that allows the feet continue to "breathe."
* Do not use closed shoes all the time. So, occasionally take off your shoes for air exchange occurs. Wherever possible the use of closed shoes interspersed with open model shoe. Besides so easy to very dry, the feet are closed throughout the day also will bring up the bad smell.

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