overcome dark circle under eyes

You have done everything to reduce the dark circles under the eyes. Although already lead a healthy lifestyle, getting enough sleep, drink plenty, and enough iron, but circles under the eyes are still there. Do not rush to find a solution to the surgery. Find out the root of the problem.

"Some of the causes of dark circles under the eyes can be overcome, but others can not, because the permanent," explained Dr. Garth Fisher, a plastic surgeon.Some causes are, among others:

Dark pigment
There are some people who have darker pigment in the eye area, can be caused by the accumulation of pigment in the skin (melanocytosis) which usually occurs because of inflammation due to allergies and sun damage. The first thing you can do if it is the root of the problem, is to protect the skin from the sun as much as possible. Then consult your doctor whether medications you use (eye drops, hormones, or other) can make dark circles under your eyes worse. If yes, try to consult a replacement drug.

To overcome this, Dr. Fisher recommends whitening skin (skin bleaching), such as products containing hydroquinone. Usually treatment using products containing these substances only visible results after several months of use, and must be done under medical supervision. Alternatively, search for specific drugs around the eye area that contains vitamin C or retinol (to stimulate skin cell turnover), such as Roc Retinol Correxion Eye Cream.

If you have a thin skin at the bottom of the eye, so you can see small veins, this could be a matter of heredity. The owner of Kinara Spa, Olga Lorencin-Northrup recommends non-surgical laser treatments, like Thermage or IPL Photofacial to eliminate dark circles under the eyes. Especially if this is related to water retention causes bags under the eyes.

Eye bags
If you have a bag at the bottom of the eye due to the deposition of fat that hung from the lower eyelid, causing a shadow, it is advisable to perform minor surgery to fix.

Puffy eyes
Generally, puffy eyes caused by the consumption of alcohol, sugar, and salt over. If you prefer a natural way, compress puffy eyes with cucumber slices and tea bags that have been used, is also quite helpful.

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