tips on Step Face Care

 the face of this yearning is not obtained as easy as turning the palm of the hand, especially if we are above the age of 25 years. (tips Beautiful At Age 20s). The secret, is to conduct basic skin care routine regularly. Here are the steps you should do:

Facial treatments, not only do when we want to lift make-up that has been worn all day. But it must necessarily do this ritual every morning and afternoon / night. After cleaning the face, continue to refresh it and make it moist. Natural facial cleanser will work to remove all makeup, dirt and oil that had gathered on the skin of your face all day. (tips on Step Face Care)

Here are tips you should know:
• clear mascara with a cotton bud and a natural facial cleansing lotion specially the eyes (eye make up remover). Tie your hair to facilitate cleaning mascara.
• clean the eyeshadow by gently wiped using a cotton that has been given the eye make up remover
• pour the natural facial cleanser cream on your palms and rub into the nose, chin, forehead and cheeks using 2 fingers of both hands.
• message cream that was smeared all over the skin. Start from the neck towards the top, follow with a massage in the face with a gentle nature.
• continue with the massage cream cleanser in the forehead with his fingertips.Massage the cream gently in the eye area towards the nose.
• massage cream on the chin area that is susceptible to blackheads with your index finger.
• when finished, clean the cream to the face with a piece of tissue. Starting from the chin, cheeks and forehead.

Use astringent or toner to refresh the face, the formula is made in such a way as to summarize the pore, and cools the skin. Also useful for lifting oil remnants, remnants of make-up and residual dead skin cells that can not be lifted by the cleaning fluid you use.

After cleaning the face, immediately Dab freshener (toner or astringent) on a piece of cotton, and dab with the way on facial skin to taste ranging from forehead down to the bottom (chin).

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