Tips Store Cosmetics for Not Fast Damaged

Like food, makeup or cosmetics have expiration date. To be fully utilized, makeup needs to be maintained and you must know when it's time to say goodbye to him.Here are suggestions from Maria Verel, makeup artist who often deal with top Hollywood celebrities, like Diane Sawyer, Nora Ephron, even Hillary Clinton.  (8 Make-up Kit, Must Have!)

Notice storage
We recommend that you keep makeup in a dry and cool. Do not keep cosmetics in a rack in a damp bathroom. Generally, to maintain the shape and thickness / density, makeup enriched with certain substances, therefore, if exposed to moist air or heat, these substances could be melted. Do not also carry makeup in a bag that you know will be in hot temperatures, eg, left in a car or taken to the beach. If the substance had melted, he could lose consistency, including its function.

Keep it clean
Even the most expensive makeup can be damaged if the dirty state. Ideally, synthetic brush is cleaned every two days. Verel how that is done is clean it with a liquid eye makeup remover or facial wash with detergent soap. If you frequently use one the same brush for different colors, very advisable to wash it before using it again, because it could create an unwanted color if the previous color is still attached. Meanwhile, if you have a brush with natural hair, you can simply wash it once a month, of course adjusted to the level of intensity of use. To clean it, can use a special baby shampoo, then rinse with warm water flowing, then dip it in alcohol and water solution. Wipe with a cloth / clean towel, and let it dry naturally.

To a certain makeup tools, like pencil shavings for lipstick or eye pencil, will be more durable if it is shaved in a state hard enough and not mushy. So, when you've started to see the eyebrow pencil soft pencil or lipstick, try entering it in the refrigerator for half an hour before shaved.

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