Variety Use of Olive Oil for Beauty

Olive oil has been used since centuries ago to the needs of consumption, also for the beauty of women. The effectiveness been tested through time and space boundaries. Want to try these natural oils for your beauty? Here are things you can do olive oil to your beauty.

Shaving cream substitute
Run out of shaving cream? Do not worry, just use olive oil. The oil will soften the hairs are coarse and provide smoother shaving performance. Pssst, if your husband has sensitive skin so afraid to shave, try to give olive oil as a substitute for shaving cream and see the usefulness.

Smooth the cuticle
Fancy having your nails stronger, free from cuticle, while gentle hands? Dip your finger nails in warm olive oil. The oil will make the cuticle to soften, as well as strengthen brittle nails. Then apply the oil on the hands before going to bed, then wrap with cotton gloves, leave overnight.

Moisturize dry skin
Lembapkan dry areas on your body by rubbing olive oil on certain points. Apply just enough to dry the body parts, such as skin dry lips, dry skin legs, or in any body part you want lembapkan. Olive oil can also be used to smooth the skin while bathing. Mix the olive oil with essential oils, like lavender to be more comfortable and fragrant.

Cleaning the rest of makeup
Olive oil is also able to remove the residual makeup attached to the skin. Pat the cotton that has been dipped in olive oil on your face as clean makeup with cleansing milk. Can also be used to clean the rest of mascara.

Soften coarse hair
Rinse the hair with olive oil, then wrap in a towel, let stand for 30 minutes. For damaged hair due to improper maintenance, combine ½ cup olive oil with an egg that has been whipped, then pour into your hair, wrap with plastic hair cover, leave for 30-45 minutes. Do this treatment once a week and then give a pause after the show changes better.

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