tips to choose long or short hair

The more often read fashion magazines instead makes you confused determine haircut? If yes, then you are not alone. Most women still can not determine the most appropriate haircut for the type faces and styles of life. In the end, the women actually "resigned" on haircuts chosen by the hairdresser at the salon. Time to decide your own. Which is more suitable for you, long hair or short?

Let your hair long, if ....
* You do not have a problem with hair texture (you do not have to spend hours and hours to blow or make it curly).

* Keep your hair looks beautiful and easy to set up though only shampoo and conditioner only given.

* While it is, "bad hair day", only with pigtails tied horse hair problem has been resolved.

* If the hair is curly, thick curly kind.

* It has a volume from the roots. Long hair made it, "flat", even better, than the short but, "bloom".

* Long hair gives balance to the facial features, hide a strong jaw, and framed a round face.

* Long hair is suitable for people who have a body tends to big, for example, Brooke Shields.

* Long hair is always unkempt make the owner look young.

* Experts recommend that women aged hairdresser 30-50 years to lengthen her hair, at least at shoulder, which universally makes everyone look beautiful.
Choose the model of short-cut hair, if ....
* Features your face smaller than most people. Anyone who has a small lip and nose will look cute with short hair. For example, Meg Ryan, who is famous for its short hair.

* Believe in yourself with the form of ear and nose.

* Not a problem to visit the salon every few months. The contrast with the assessment of most people, short hair actually need the same treatment troublesome with long hair. If you want short hair looks the same, then you should visit the salon every 4 weeks. Because, long hair will grow about half an inch each month.

* No problem for my hair to be in, "track" the right every morning.

* Want to show confidence, and happy to be the center of attention. Because, long hair that hung to cover some of the features. While short hair will make the wearer in mind.

* Dare to experiment with her hair. If you like to change the color and texture of hair, short hair is the right choice, because you can cut the hair if there is a fault or damage to the hair tip.

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