Hairdo for Long Hair tips

Hairdo can greatly influence one's appearance. Try the following hairdo for the party and be prepared to get a lot of praise for it. (tips to choose long or short hair)

The Modern Chignon

Scarlett Johansson is one artist who likes this type of hair styling. He was pleased hair upwards to focus on his face that no blemish. Chignon, or coil model does look a bit traditional, but with a little game, good hair will look beautiful, attractive, and the present. You can try to make a chignon that is more easily own if they did not want to get too modern as to use her in photo 1.
How, dry hair with a large round hair brush, create the parting on the side. Tie the ponytail hair like a horse in the back of the head, slightly downwards. Take the hair that hung down, and use it to cover the hair binder, and secure with hairpins. Give a little hairspray to the final appearance.

Pigtails Horse Classic (with a little style)

Pigtail horse, to the long hair is the option "safe." But, if you want to choose the type of style hairdo like this at the party later, so do not look normal, try to give a little extra style to make it look nicer. How, dry and blow your hair to create a little volume at the top of the hair. Comb all the hair toward the back of the head, ponytail right at the back of the head, then cover your hair with some hair tie that hung down. With curling hair or hair rollers large (if you have plenty of time), create large waves in the hair that hung down.


As for you who prefer the style of hair down, try creating a more formal appearance by creating big waves. To create this hair, your hairdresser can apply cream, then blow the hair to create volume at the roots. Then, take some part of hair, about 2 inches divided, and create waves with curling hair, hold for 2 seconds, then release. After doing in all parts of your hair, apply a little serum hair for a natural shiny effect.

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    How to get Black-Dark hair.
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