Eye Shadow Fitted Perfect

Want to make your face look fresh during the day? Try wring eye shadow natural color. Generally brown is the color that is often used. Wring thinly. In contrast, for eye makeup in the evening, apply eye shadow colors rather thick. Instead of a brush applicator, try using your ring finger to apply eye shadow .

For eye shadow last longer :
Currently, there are many cosmetic manufacturers to create eye shadow with a durable formula. But there are times when this product is still not attached to long, especially on oily skin. The trick to outsmart for eye shadow can last longer: try to apply eye cream (eye cream) on the eyelid before applying eye shadow . While still in a state of damp, immediately apply eye shadow by gently patting with the applicator or finger.

Compared eye shadow creams, eye shadow powder type generally last longer. Eye shadow powder has a rougher texture, so it can stick perfectly in the eyelid.

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