tips for camera friendly make up

to look beautiful in photo is actually a face that can highlight bone structure. A more angled face will naturally look more photogenic because of the high cheekbones and angular jaw that makes the face look more three dimensional in the photo. Fortunately, no matter what shape your face, you can outsmart your chin overlapping, uneven skin tone, or eye bags, by applying the right makeup. Here's what you need to do:

1. Choose a matte foundation to create a perfect skin. A damp face and shiny eye shadow does look charming in a natural light, but often make hue balanced face is not visible under the camera lights are sharp.

2. Brush bronzer along your jaw line to highlight the chin and bone structure are a natural. Thus, overlapping chin invisible again.

3. Give the highlights on the cheekbones with a blush on to create the illusion of the corners and slightly concave impression on the cheek.

4. Use a dark eye makeup to hide the eyelids, so that makes the eyes look bigger. Create depth by giving a limit on the eye with eyeliner dark brown or black. Add also mascara to make eyes more prominent.

5. Complete your look with red lipstick to make you smile more and more shiny.

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