Tips Shaving Genital area

Shaving hair in the genital area is not as easy as shaving or tweezing other areas. Before you begin, try to prepare it with attention to several things. First, use a new shaver to guarantee cleanliness. Hygiene factors are very important, so you avoid the infections cause itching, swelling or redness in the genital area. Second, try to act relaxed over do it, with the start by setting a comfortable seated position. While seated, lift your legs over the waistline and open wide.

For maximum results consider shaving tips below:

- Set the Genital Area Hair Direction
Electronic shaver, tweezers or scissors are several options that can be used razors. To facilitate the process of shaving, it is advisable to set the hairs on the genital area first by pulling onto the hair for shaving the genital area is not about skin in that area.

- Soak in Warm Water
Before you shave, you should soak in warm water first. This method will allow you to shave because the coarse hairs in the genital area will be in wet conditions.

- Give Gel To Foam
Apply shaving cream or gel that can cause foam on the genital area to facilitate the process of shaving .. But you must be vigilant not to cream you use to cause allergies on the skin. Also do not use soap because soap does not produce the best foam for shaving.

- Shaving
Before you begin shaving, think first what model you want. However, it is advisable to shave in the direction of hair growth. Avoid to shave the same area many times because it can make the skin irritation. When you find a place that is difficult to achieve pull the skin to simplify the task. Especially for your first time shaving the genital area, do not be too diligent. You must remember that genital area is very sensitive and need time to adapt, with a razor. Just do a once a week.

- Remove dead skin cells
To avoid closing the pores in the genital area, do not forget to clean the skin after shaving using a soft sponge and soap. Brush gently on the genital area to avoid irritation to the skin.

- Moisturize
Rinse, dry and moisten the area that had just shaved. Moisturizers can be used baby oil or aloe vera (Aloe Vera). Avoid the use of scent and color moisturizer because it can lead to irritation. To alterntif You can use baby powder to increase comfort after shaving.

- Treat Your Genital Area
Clean the genital area that has been shaved every day to remove sweat and oil glands that can cover the pores. To avoid itching and irritation use a moisturizer and powder, choose cotton underwear and avoid wearing too tight pants. Not only cause irritation, pants are too tight also cause a lack of air circulation and trigger friction with the genital area.

When we find that shaving makes your skin irritation, do not worry! Waxing can be the best alternative.

Signs of Genital Area-Hair Shaving
Shaving the genital area for a group of people causing problems on their own. When genital hair begins to grow then appeared also itching redness plus swelling. Apply a cortisone cream to reduce them. When the more severe immediately consult a dermatologist.

Be careful for people allergic to shaving cream. Because the genital area is very sensitive so you will feel very suffer when this happens. Use a shaving cream that contains hypoallergenic for you free of allergies.

For some women their genital area becomes very sensitive during menstruation. They become uncomfortable to shave, it is advisable to do so before or after menstruation ..

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