Simple Make up Tips

natural make-up beside a very fitting use for go to office , also suitable for job interviews or to attend an event at noon. Equipment needed for the dressing is simple. all products makeup are casual, powder, eyebrow pencil, eye shadow , lip liner and mascara . Here are tips on how to do interesting simple makeup faces:

1. Make up the face by applying concealer under the eyes, smooth with fingertips.
2. Make up the face using a foundation stick to 'make a putty' on face , then smooth with your fingers.
3. Use the powder to the whole makeup make-up , so that the color evenly, especially at the bottom of the eye. It's important to get the basic makeup face perfectly.
4. Select a brown eyebrow pencil to reinforce the line of eyebrows. Avoid black eyebrow pencil which will give the impression of the face that 'bitchy'.
5. Brush eye shadow brown color on the eyelid, then frames the eyes with eyeliner .
6. Dab blush ( blush ) toward the ear.
7. Make up make-up by applying lip liner to correct the shape and select lipstick glossy lip color neutral.
8. Brush mascara lashes top and bottom, respectively 2 times.

Make-Up Tips for Longer Hold

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