Tips wring Lipstick

Lipstick is one tool that is - in cosmetology- required to use women. In order for an "investment" is not fast eroded, would be better if you can maintain and store as possible. The following make up tips are divided by Rona Berg, in his book, Beauty: TheNew Basics.

* If you take the lipstick, tube is not going anywhere, it is advisable to store it in the refrigerator, because it will last longer.

* Never use a tester lipstick on cosmetic outlets. As you know, mouth to save a lot of bacteria. If you daub lipstick tester that has been used by many people, God knows how many disease-causing bacteria that settle on your lips. Instead, apply lipstick at the tip of your finger, the color looks more like your lips.

* If you want lipstick last longer, use a lipstick pencil as a base first. Give the frame line around your lips with lipstick pencil. Choose a lipstick color nude pencil if the lipstick that you will use bright colors.

* To look more natural and younger lipstick, use a lipstick tube directly on the lip for lips that tend to cover large.

* To avoid lipstick stain teeth, insert your index finger to mouth, right in the middle of the lips, then close lips, pull your finger. Time lipstick is the possibility of the teeth will be lifted by this finger.

* You are in a hurry, and could not find a blusher? Use your lipstick in place of blush. However, never use blush instead of lipstick.

* If you find a lipstick that you buy more light than you might expect, remove it and give it a dark color lipstick under the lipstick. Or, add dark color lip gloss on it.

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    >>First of all remove all the dirties from your lip by scrub using tooth brush.Now your lip become fresh and clean.This process must be regular.
    >>Then again clean your lip using lemon and almond oil.
    >>Apply vaseline lip care regularly before to sleep.
    >>Don't forget to remove your lipstick before doing this tips.

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