Know your 4 Hair Enemies

If you want to win in a battle, you need to do first is to know exactly who our enemy really is. Apparently, this also applies in dealing with hair problems. Let us protect the crown from the "enemy. (tips to choose long or short hair)

1. Industrial pollution. We will never be able to prevent sticking of dust particles, germs, smoke contained in air pollution in our hair, especially for oily hair that has been sprayed or hair spray . Enemy hair on this one can make hair easy to get dirty and damaged.

2. Sun. A little exposure to good for hair, but that excessive sun exposure will make the sun become the worst enemy to the health of our hair. Sun will make the hair become dry and not infrequently also cause hair to be broken and branched. In addition, sunlight is able to change the color of our hair becomes dull and reddish color. If we require that activities continue to be exposed by the sun's hair so be sure to get a patron's hair hair care by performing routine 3 or 4 times a week.

3. The heat will intensify the natural condition of our hair . If we dry the hair will become dry, if our hair is greasy then it will become more oily. Heat will also make the hair becomes dirty more quickly because our heads when the heat will sweat and damp, causing dirt more easily attached.

For normal hair, we just need to wash your hair regularly and perform maintenance deep conditioning (hair conditioner with high concentrations that can moisturize the hair shaft until the innermost skin) once a month. For those who have dry hair, apply conditioner after every hair wash, and do maintenance deep conditioning 3 weeks. As for the owners of greasy hair, our hair needs washing more often than other types of hair and avoid using shampoo containing conditioner.

4. Water can be the enemy of hair if it comes from the sea or swimming pool. Why? The content of chlorine in the swimming pool will make the hair become dry and damaged. When swimming, it is suggested that we could use a bathing cap or immediately wash your hair and apply conditioner on your hair after getting out of swimming pools.

Sea water can also become dry and damaged hair. Not only is it just a high salt content, but when we swim in the sea at the same time our hair will also be affected by exposure to sunlight damage. This condition will worsen the hair destruction process. Rinse your hair immediately with clean water and apply conditioner every time we finished playing in the sea, especially those of us who have dry hair.

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