the nature of Skin Color Determine Makeup Colors

According to the book 101 Basic Make-up Personal Make-Up compiled by Puspita Martha International Beauty School, the color has 2 properties, namely, cold and warm. Into the nature of cool colors are: blue, purple, and green. The impression created by this color is cool, calm, serene, and peaceful. While belonging to the warm nature include: red, orange, and yellow. When viewing a series of color, the impression that emerges is cheerful, passionate, energetic, young, strong, and courageous.

1. Knowing How to Face Color
To find out what makeup colors that are suitable for our skin, our skin note belonging to the nature of the cold or warm. Here's how: Take two pieces of fabric, one silver and one gold. While facing the mirror, hold both the cloth on your face in turn. Then compare. If your skin look brighter when juxtaposed with gold-colored cloth, skin color means you enter into the warm category. Meanwhile, if your face look more fresh when brought near to the silver-colored fabric, this means your skin is quite cool.

2. Tips for Choosing a Foundation Color
For owners of the warm colors of skin, choose a foundation or foundation with the colors of brown, such as: almond, copper, or honey beige . For owners of color cool, you can apply foundation with the color ivory (ivory) or shades of pink.

3. Face of the Right Makeup Colors
The color of skin that comes into the cold category can apply makeup colors with shades of pink and purple. As for the color of skin that is warm, choose the color of makeup such as brown, red, or natural.

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