Make Up Tricks for Beautiful and Young Seen

Increased age is a natural process that must be faced by every human being. No one can avoid the aging process that would occur over time. Including for women. With increasing age, decreasing the body's ability and also have an impact on the face. In the face of wrinkles or skin appears that is not elastic anymore. But this does not mean you can not look pretty.  makeup is one solution. How do I?

Because of the tricks professional makeup right, you can disguise the signs of aging that exist so you can cover this deficiency. But before you apply makeup, make sure that the cosmetics you use are still fit for use or has not expired.

What to do when doing make-up artist so you can look younger? Here are some steps that you can apply your own makeup time.
Make-Up Tips for Longer Hold

* Toner and Moisturizer

Before starting to apply makeup, start with a clean face to the neck by using a cleanser followed by using a toner and moisturizer. It is intended that the results of your makeup maximum.

* foundation Powder

Use foundation (foundation) for the colors to go perfectly on your face. Choose a foundation color that one level higher than your skin color.

* Concealer

Use concealer to help disguise the spots on the face or acne scars. Concealer can also be used to disguise the eye socket.

* Brush and Sponge

When using powder, first use a brush then use a sponge to help flatten.

* Eyeshadow

Choose the colors of eyeshadow that can help the face look fresh and young. Colors can be chosen among other green, peach, purple, gold. 
(tip to Eye Shadow Fitted Perfect)

* Eyeliner

To the eye, so the face does not look old, you should not use eyeliner. Or if you want to use it you should not use too thick eyeliner and use a pencil-shaped.

* Blush on

Blush color should be a natural color like pink or peach color.

* Lipstick and Lipgloss

Choose a lipstick that same color or one level higher than the lip color. Avoid lips with colors that are too contrast. It can also be added gloss to the lips look fresh.
* Eyebrow Pencil

Tidy up your eyebrows by tweezing eyebrows for a messy and seemingly neatly combed. Then to reinforce the shape brows, choose a eyebrow pencil dark brown rather than black, because black color will make the face look older.

Indeed, many beauty products can make skin young and refine and make more beautiful. These products have entered into the body or used directly on your skin. But with the proper use of cosmetics and makeup tricks that just when you apply makeup, then you also can appear more beautiful and young.

Well if the wedding day, dressing gowns wedding plus the right makeup will make you look graceful.

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